Squid Game Worker Costume Guide

Squid Game Worker DIY Costume Guide

In the Netflix show Squid Game, the workers are responsible for maintaining the game facilities, making sure that the players are fed, and transporting and cremating all of the deceased contestants.

About the Squid Game Worker Look

The jumpsuits worn by the workers in Squid Game are one-piece outfits that are long-sleeved and have a black belt. These are basic cotton/polyester jumpsuits that are easy to find or make yourself, and they are always a fuschia-like color.

The mask is solid black and covers the entire face so that no facial feature shows through, and the top part of the mask has a white circle, triangle or square printed on it, which is the symbol for the workers in the series.

How to Dress Like the Worker From Squid Game


The first thing you’ll need is a basic cotton/polyester jumpsuit with long sleeves and belt loops, along with a solid black belt. These jumpsuits are an eye-catching fuschia color, and they should be easy to find if you decide to buy one.

If you decide to make the jumpsuit, make sure you find comfortable fabric such as cotton or a cotton blend.


When it comes to the mask, you’ll probably have to purchase it because it is so unique in shape and design. It is solid black and covers the entire face and neck area.

The masks are usually made out of some type of resin material, and they are commonplace in this TV series. The masks on the show can have other designs on them besides circles, but the circle design is what’s included with the Worker costume.

The resin makes the mask sturdy but comfortable, and if you look closely you’ll notice that there are tiny holes in the top section of the mask that help the wearers of the costume breathe a little bit easier.

DIY Costume Tutorials

The costume for this character is actually very simple because it consists of a basic jumpsuit and mask. The jumpsuit is dark pink in color and comes with a black belt.

The workers also wear masks that are black in color and have a white symbol right in the middle of the face part.

Complete Squid Game Worker Costume Set

Workers on Squid Game have an important role but aren’t always given as much attention as the Players and many other characters. The costume is a basic fuschia jumpsuit, black belt, and black mask with a white circle on the top part of the mask.

While the costume is simply designed and fairly easy to make, this isn’t so with the mask; therefore, you’ll likely have to purchase this item. That being said, the mask is normally very inexpensive and easy to find, especially if you go online.

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Dressing up to look like one of the Workers from Squid Game isn’t difficult because the costume is so simple and basic. You can easily make or purchase the costume and you can buy the mask at numerous costume and party stores.

Overall, it shouldn’t cost you a lot of money even if you choose to buy the costume and mask because most stores sell them at a very reasonable price.

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