Squid Game VIP Costume Guide

Squid Game VIP DIY Costume Guide

The VIPs play unique roles in the TV series Squid Game. They are billionaires who are behind the scenes watching everything that’s going on in the psychopathic reality show.

These VIPs are also degenerate gamblers who bet on the game hoping that their favorite character will win. Their identities are kept secret because they all wear gold animal masks which protect their identity while also projecting their opulence and power.

About the Squid Game VIP Look

The VIP always wears a mask and usually has a business suit on. There are five VIPs total, and the masks they wear include a deer, a tiger, a bear, a lion, and a bull.

The gold color of the masks is supposed to designate these people’s wealth, and the masks themselves are 3D-like and angular, with holes for the eyes so the wearers can see everything that’s happening during the game.

While there is no way to know for sure, the five animals are thought to represent the person wearing them, including:

  • The Deer: Symbolizes the divine so the person may be a religious leader
  • The Tiger: Symbolizes power so the person may be a politician
  • The Bear: Symbolizes the myth that the Korean people descend from a bear-woman, so the person may be an important national figure
  • The Bull: Symbolizes wealth so the person may be a banker

How to Dress Like a VIP From Squid Game


The VIPs are easy to dress like because they simply wear business attire and gold masks. The masks can be purchased or made, but unless you’re super creative, you might want to go ahead and buy the mask.

All five of these masks have a specific look, which can make creating them from scratch a bit challenging. Each of the masks has a surreal, almost creepy look, and some people believe that was done to make the viewers of the TV show feel a little uncomfortable.

Most costume and party stores sell these masks for a reasonable price for most people. These are lightweight and comfortable masks that are very detailed and eye-catching, and they cover up most of the wearers’ faces.

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Luxury Suit:

In addition to the mask, VIPs also wear fashionable suits that you will be able to pick up online on stores like Amazon, or at your local department store. These suits kind of remind me of the one Tony Montana wore in Scarface. They come in a variety of colors, but a black suit might be the most recognizable.

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DIY Costume Tutorials

Complete Squid Game VIP Costume Set

Cosplay Examples


If you’re going to any party as a Squid Game VIP, make sure that you find a mask that is specifically made for this TV show. The masks were created just for Squid Game and are very detailed and made in a specific way to fit the overall look and feel of the scenes. They are 3D in appearance and comfortable, and the holes for eyes make it super-easy to see out of them when you wear them.

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