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In the twisted world of “Squid Game,” the VIPs are the shadowy figures pulling the strings from behind the scenes. They are the wealthy elite, using their vast resources to play a sociopathic game of life and death with contestants who are down on their luck for their own amusement.

These lowlifes bet on the contestants while hiding their sick motivations behind gold animal masks. Although no one knows for sure who these A-listers are, their wealth and influence are on full display.

If you are looking to project a little mystery with a luxurious bent, dressing up as a Squid Game VIP is an ideal costume choice for your next party or event.

How to Dress Like a VIP From Squid Game


“Squid Game’s” VIPs are a costume designer’s dream, their attire as simple as a business suit paired with a gold mask. These masks, be it purchased or homemade, are the key to achieving the look of the wealthy elite manipulating the events of the show.

However, achieving the specific design of the masks, with their surreal and unsettling appearance, may prove challenging for those less creatively inclined.

These masks can be found at most costume and party stores, and are reasonably priced for the average consumer. Lightweight and comfortable, these masks are striking in their attention to detail and effectively conceal the wearer’s identity. But whether the eerie design of the masks were intentional to unsettle the viewer is up for debate.

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Luxury Suit:

In addition to the mask, VIPs also wear fashionable suits that you will be able to pick up online on stores like Amazon, or at your local department store. These suits kind of remind me of the one Tony Montana wore in Scarface. They come in a variety of colors, but a black suit might be the most recognizable.

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About the Squid Game VIP Look

The VIP always wears a mask and usually has a business suit on. There are five VIPs total, and the masks they wear include a deer, a tiger, a bear, a lion, and a bull.

The gold color of the masks is supposed to designate these people’s wealth, and the masks themselves are 3D-like and angular, with holes for the eyes so the wearers can see everything that’s happening during the game.

While there is no way to know for sure, the five animals are thought to represent the person wearing them, including:

  • The Deer: Symbolizes the divine so the person may be a religious leader
  • The Tiger: Symbolizes power so the person may be a politician
  • The Bear: Symbolizes the myth that the Korean people descend from a bear-woman, so the person may be an important national figure
  • The Bull: Symbolizes wealth so the person may be a banker

Wrapping Up

The VIPs of “Squid Game” are a crucial aspect of the show’s twisted and opulent world. To fully embody the character, one must seek out a mask specifically crafted for the series.

These masks, with their attention to detail and 3D design, are essential for capturing the aesthetic of the VIPs. Comfortable and easy to see through, these masks are the perfect addition to any business attire. Remember, when it comes to fully immersing oneself in the world of “Squid Game” as a VIP, the mask is key.

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