Squid Game Doll Costume Guide

Squid Game Red Light Green Light Girl Doll DIY Costume Guide

The giant (and lethal) Red Light Green Light Doll on the Netflix series Squid Game is a little creepy and not exactly a touchy-feely type of doll that we’re supposed to love. She has the capability to injure the players and says “red light” and “green light” at various times while turning her head in different directions. 

Fortunately, if you’re interested in a Red Light Green Light Doll costume like the one in Squid Game, all you need is a yellow light polyester dress and a few other components to get that authentic look.

About the Squid Game Doll Look

The costume for the Red Light Green Light Doll consists of an orange jumper, a yellow T-shirt that goes underneath the jumper, long white socks, and black Mary Jane type shoes.

If you’re interested in wearing a mask, the masks sold usually show a little girl’s face with short brown hair and pigtails, but not everyone who wears the costume includes the mask.

The doll’s size makes it a bit frightening, but it’s still a fun costume to have when you’re heading out to a costume or Halloween party.

How to Dress Like the Red Light Green Light Girl From Squid Game


The Red Light Green Light Doll is easy to copy because all you need is a bright orange jumper, which is usually made out of a polyester blend; a yellow short-sleeved T-shirt to go underneath the jumper; long knee-length white socks; and black patent leather shoes.


The mask is a sturdy little girl’s face with short brown hair and holes for the eyes to make it easy to see out of. Once again, the mask is not necessary but definitely adds some realism to the costume because it makes you look a lot more like this doll.

DIY Costume Tutorials

If you decide to make the costume yourself, you should be able to find an easy pattern to copy because there are a lot of patterns for jumper-style dresses for little girls.

If you use a cotton or polyester material, the dress will be even more comfortable, and a yellow T-shirt is easy to make or find at a discount or department store.

Even if you’re not the best seamstress in the world, it should be easy to make this type of dress because all you need is a basic jumper/dress pattern.

Complete Squid Game Doll Costume Set

You can also find ready-made costumes at a costume or party store, and you’ll likely be amazed by how realistic they are. Some of these costumes come with a mask, while others do not, but the mask that comes with the costume is often not a very good one.

For a more realistic costume, you’d be better off buying a separate mask that is much more detailed and realistic.

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Finding the right Red Light Green Light Doll costume from Squid Game is very simple; in fact, this is one of the easiest costumes to make or buy from this unique TV series. It comes in basic colors and basic patterns and should be easy to find or create yourself if that’s what you wish to do.

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