Front Man Costume Guide

Squid Game Front Man DIY Costume Guide

The Front Man from the Netflix series Squid Game is a mysterious character that dresses in all black. You can make the costume yourself if you like, but it’s just as easy and inexpensive to go ahead and buy each of the pieces. In this guide, we will show you a variety of options to choose from.

About the Front Man Look

The Front Man is in charge of the Squid Game and is rather difficult to understand, but like every other character in the series, he serves an important purpose.

He is dressed all in black and wears a geometric-shaped mask. He also wears an overcoat/raincoat at all times.

It is easy to look like him as long as you stick to black clothing. The black costume pieces generate a mysterious ambiance that you’ll love portraying for your next Halloween or costume party.

How to Dress Like the Front Man From Squid Game

The Front Man character from Squid Game wears six basic items, including:

  • Overcoat: Make sure that it is hooded so that it blends in well with the mask
  • Raincoat: Technically, the Front Man can wear either the overcoat or the raincoat, and the raincoat is a little lighter
  • Black Pants: A nice pair of black dress slacks works best
  • Mask: Choose a 3D-like mask that is made specifically for this character
  • Black Gloves: Long black leather gloves give the costume a more finished look
  • Black Shoes: Don’t forget the black patent leather shoes, which go perfectly with the rest of the costume


As far as the shirt goes, you can choose a basic white or black shirt to go with the costume. In reality, it doesn’t matter what color the shirt is because if you wear the costume properly, the shirt will be hidden from the public.

Just keep in mind that the Front Man costume is all black from head to toe, including the mask, which is why a lot of people choose to wear a black shirt underneath the costume instead of one that’s white.

Front Man Mask

The mask itself is very detailed and has a geometric 3D look. The nose and lips stick out a little and the eyes have small holes in them both to see better and for extra comfort.

It is a unique mask made just for this particular character, and you should be able to find it in various party or costume shops. You can essentially call the Front Man the “man in black” because this is the only color he ever wears.

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The good thing about the Front Man costume is that except for the mask, you really don’t need anything unusual or difficult to find. Just buy black clothes and find yourself a mask and the rest should be easy.

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