Squid Game Player Costume Guide

Squid Game Player DIY Costume Guide

The contestants in the psychopathic reality show in the Korean Netflix show Squid Game have a basic costume that is fairly easy to purchase or make yourself.

The players wear dark-teal sweatsuits that consist of comfortable sweatpants and a long-sleeved sweatshirt. The number for each player is printed on the front of the track suit, as well as on the t-shirt underneath.

About The Squid Game Player Look

The Squid Game players wear a tracksuit that is either dark green or dark teal in color. The only two items you’ll need to dress like one of these characteristics is a pair of sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt.

The pants have a basic elastic waistband and the shirt has a zipper-down front. In the TV show, the character wears no other special items — no masks, boots, etc. — so the costume is a fairly basic one. It is certainly easy to make if you sew and can follow a basic pattern.

How to Dress Like the Squid Game Contestants


The two-part Squid Game player costume starts with sweatpants that have an elastic waistband and a string that allows you to adjust the comfort level of the pants. The pants are green and the adjustable string is white.

There is also a white stripe on the side of each pant leg that is roughly two inches wide and which is found throughout the entire length of the pants. The bottom of the legs contains elastic just like the top part does.

If you’re making the costume, it shouldn’t be difficult to make because all you need to do is look for a basic sweatpant sewing pattern.

The sweatshirt worn with the pants is the same color and long-sleeved.

There are pockets on either side of the sweatshirt, as well as a stripe that matches the ones on the leg and runs from right underneath the collar to about half-way down the sleeve.

One thing you’ll notice is that in the TV show, the zipper of the sweatshirt matches the color of the shirt itself, while most costumes you buy online have white zippers instead.


There is a three-digit number on the top left-hand side of the jacket, and applicable numbers include 067, 218, 456, and numerous others. 

DIY Costume Tutorials

You can easily make it yourself if you learn the design and color of the costume. Just look for a cotton blend sweatsuit-type material that is a dark-teal color, but not too dark or too light in color.

Complete Squid Game Player Costume Set

Keep in mind that there are dozens of players in the TV show. Therefore, you have a lot of choices when it comes to the number found on the sweatshirt. This is a basic costume that most cosplayers with sewing skills can make with ease but which is also very easy to find in most costume stores.

There are no hats, headbands, wristbands, jewelry pieces, or shoes that go with the costume. The sweatpants and sweatshirt are everything that you need to complete it.

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Whether you make the costume or buy it, you shouldn’t have any problems finding what you need if your goal is to look like a contestant from the TV show Squid Game.

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