Shy Guy DIY Costume Guide

In the world of Mario Bros., there are many iconic characters, but there may not be many as immediately recognizable as the Shy Guy, even though they definitely don’t like to be seen.

If you are a Mario fan but know there will be a thousand other Marios at the next Comic Con, this is a good costume to consider.

It’s a simple, comfortable costume that you can either make or buy, and if no one recognizes you, that’s all right because it’ll give you the opportunity to tell them what Shy Guy is all about and what makes him unique.

It’s also fun to wear and doesn’t cost a lot to put together, meaning that you can have your next costume in no time.

How to Dress Like a Shy Guy


The Shy Guy costume is simple because all you need are a red hooded cape, the signature white mask with holes for the eyes, purple or blue scrub pants and shoes, and a military web belt.

Many people wear a white shirt as well, but the shirt can be almost any color you like as long as it matches the rest of the costume.

The components of the costume are simple and easy to wear, which means you’ll be able to wear the outfit for many hours at a time without being uncomfortable.

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How to Make a Shy Guy Mask

To make a Shy Guy mask out of paper mache, you need the following materials:


  • A balloon
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Newspaper or tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • A paint brush
  • White paint
  • Elastic string or ribbon


  • Get a balloon as big as your head and blow it up.
  • Blend together the flour and water to form a paste in a large mixing basin. The texture should resemble that of thick cream.
  • You can use newspaper or tissue paper strips dipped in paste.
  • Apply the paper strips to the balloon carefully, covering it completely. Make sure the strips are evenly coated with the paste and use the paintbrush to smooth out any creases or bubbles. To ensure that the balloon has at least three layers of paper mache, repeat the process of stacking the paper and paste.
  • Don’t touch anything until the mask has dried. Depending on the relative humidity and temperature, this could take a while, even a whole night.
  • When the balloon is dry, pierce it with a needle and let the air out. Remove the balloon parts from the mask’s interior with care.
  • Make sure to leave openings for your eyes and mouth before you put on the mask.
  • Make sure these openings are large and expressive like Shy Guy
  • Cover the eye holes in black mesh material so that you can still see out of them
  • Use a paintbrush to cover the entire mask in white, making sure to go into all the cracks and cover any exposed newsprint.
  • Finish drying the paint fully.

DIY Costume Tutorials

Cosplay Examples

Cosplayer Feedback

“Creating a sturdy Shy Guy mask was so important to get right. I used thick cardstock and precisely cut out all the mask’s shapes and holes to look just like the video game.”

“The fun part was figuring out how to make the mask’s openings large enough to see through clearly but small enough to stay anonymous. Getting the visibility right took some trial and error.”

“My favorite memories cosplaying Shy Guy are playing up silly moments from the games – getting knocked back exaggeratedly when bumped into, or doing the little leg wiggle happy dance. People love it when you act out the character!”

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About Shy Guy’s Look

In the Mario Bros. video game series, Shy Guys are a common type of antagonist. A red hooded cloak or tunic, a belt, a white mask with eyeholes, and purple or blue shoes and leggings are commonplace, however there are many other color and style options.

Since Yoshi’s Island was introduced, the Shy Guys have been Yoshi’s foes. There are a few different kinds of Shy Guys, including Fly Guys who can fly and Snifits who can shoot bullets from their masks. The group is so shy that everyone wears masks.

The Shy Guy costume is a wonderful choice because it is easy to create or find and stands out thanks to its unconventional color scheme.

Wrapping Up

The Shy Guys are adorable but keep in mind that they are villains in the Super Mario universe. Cute but deadly is a great way to describe them, so it’s up to you to determine if they’re cute and likable or creepy and unlikable!

But when it comes to the costume, you can find most of the parts quickly and easily at costume stores, party stores, and even different places online.

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