DIY Preppy Claws Costume Guide for Cosplay

Preppy Claws is the mysterious Tik Tok creator who has gained viral notoriety on social media as people attempt to figure out the dancer behind the mask. The Tik Tok dancer has become a sensation with millions of followers in a very short time period, with only a few videos on the account.

In this cosplay guide, we will teach you how to put together your very own Preppy Claws costume using some simple items that you can find online.

How to Dress Like Preppy Claws from TikTok

Preppy Claws has a very simple costume consisting of just a few items that are relatively easy to find.

preppy claws costumes

Pink Cowboy Hat

Preppy Claws always wears a pink cowboy hat that features a plastic tiara attached to the front of it. We’ve found the exact match of this hat here:

Funny Party Hats Cowboy Hat for Women - Cowgirl Hat - Cowgirl Costume Hat

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Rake Morphsuit

Preppy Claws has a very disorienting and haunting look thanks to the full body morphsuit the Tik Tok creator uses as part of their costume. It’s not everyday you see a ghoulish Rake dancing on Tik Tok, which is part of the dancer’s appeal. We’ve found the exact Rake morphsuit worn by Preppy Claws here:

Morphsuits Men's Zalgo Monster Adult Fun Costume, The Rake, XX-Large

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Black Feather Boa

In some videos, Preppy Claws wears a black feather boa which add some additional flair to the outfit. If you are looking to add an additional element to your Preppy Claws costume, you can find a similar boa here:

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