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Unleash your inner adventurer by dressing up as Link, the fearless and iconic hero from the legendary video game series, The Legend of Zelda. Link’s timeless garb and unyielding spirit make him the ultimate character for your upcoming cosplay event or costume shindig.

Follow our witty and informative Link costume guide to transform into this cherished Hylian hero.

How to Dress Like Link
From Legend of Zelda

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Green Tunic:

Kickstart your metamorphosis into Link by securing a green tunic that mirrors his hallmark attire. Purchase a ready-made tunic from a costume shop or online retailer, or unleash your sewing prowess by crafting one from green fabric. Ensure the tunic allows you to move freely and strike heroic poses at will.

White Undershirt:

Beneath the green tunic, Link traditionally sports a white undershirt. Opt for a simple, long-sleeve white shirt that promises both comfort and warmth, especially if your event takes place outdoors or in a chilly convention center.

Green Hat:

No Link costume would be complete without a green hat that matches your tunic. Secure the perfect hat at costume shops or online retailers, or tap into your DIY spirit by following a pattern or tutorial. Aim for a lengthy, pointed hat to capture Link’s quintessential headwear.

Brown Belt:

Enhance your tunic with a sturdy, wide brown belt, available at clothing stores or online retailers. The belt should comfortably encircle your waist and provide ample space for carrying prop weapons or other accessories, adding both flair and practicality to your ensemble.

Brown Boots:

Finish off Link’s outfit with a stylish pair of brown boots. Choose a knee-high or over-the-knee design with a flat sole, prioritizing comfort and ease of movement. Boots can be found at clothing stores, costume shops, or online retailers.

White Leggings or Tights:

Link traditionally sports white leggings or tights beneath his tunic. Select a comfortable pair from clothing stores or online retailers, ensuring they offer enough coverage and warmth for your event.

Shield and Sword:

For an extra dash of authenticity, consider including Link’s iconic weapons, the Hylian Shield and the Master Sword. Craft your own using foam, wood, or other materials, or purchase replicas online or at specialty shops.

If attending a convention or public event, be sure to comply with any prop weapon guidelines.

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About Link

Link, the brave protagonist of The Legend of Zelda video game series, continually saves the kingdom of Hyrule from various perils, including the nefarious Ganondorf. His courage, determination, and selflessness have earned him a special place in the hearts of fans and cosplayers worldwide.

Wrapping Up

Donning Link’s attire from The Legend of Zelda is a thrilling choice for fans of the series or anyone eager to channel the spirit of a heroic adventurer. By following our costume guide and assembling his iconic outfit, you’ll be primed to step into the role of this legendary Hylian at your next cosplay event or costume party.

With the emblematic green tunic, hat, and optional shield and sword, your Link cosplay is sure to make a lasting impression on fellow fans and onlookers alike. So gather your courage, strap on your boots, and embark on an unforgettable journey as the valiant hero of Hyrule.

Just remember to keep an eye out for Princess Zelda, hidden treasures, and magical instruments – after all, you never know what adventures await you in the realm of cosplay!

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