Jawa Costume Guide

Jawa DIY Costume Guide

If you’re interested in dressing up as a unique Star Wars character, you can’t go wrong with the Jawas. These short humanoids are completely hidden by hand-woven robes. They even hide their faces with a cowl, even though their glowing yellow eyes can still be seen.

The costume can be purchased as a complete set or made yourself. Even though it’s a fairly basic costume, it still looks phenomenal once it’s all put together. Even better, it tends to be a very affordable costume that you can make or buy without breaking the bank.

About the Jawa Look

The Jawas are from Tatooine and most of them live in clans. They travel the desert in Sandcrawlers in order to find junk to refurbish and trade. Of course, the pieces they fix up don’t last very long, but this is what they do nonetheless.

Most of the pieces end up being sold to moisture farmers simply because they can’t usually find these items anywhere else. These creatures wear tunics that are dark brown in color and bandoliers that complete the look.

How to Dress Like Jawa From Star Wars

Dressing like a Jawa from Star Wars usually involves the following items:

  • A long robe with jagged sleeves and hem
  • Hooded cowl that comes with a facemask
  • Bandolier that fits across the chest area and makes an X mark on the chest
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When you buy the costume, the bandolier is usually made out of polyurethane material and the hooded cowl has an on/off switch that you can use to make the bright-red eyes blink whenever you want them to.

Tunic and Glowing Eyes

The Jawas’ eyes are sometimes yellow and sometimes red, depending on who makes the costume, and you can easily complete the ensemble by wearing dark brown gloves and boots that are either black or brown.

Keep in mind that the tunic is hooded so you won’t need a hat, and the costume has long sleeves so you’ll only need short gloves.

The long brown robe usually comes with bell sleeves and hoods that are pointed, and some manufacturers include a utility belt to go with the outfit.

Tools & Weapons

Some also include weapons such as a blaster, which is a Jawa’s firepower, and you can choose just the pieces you want or the entire outfit, depending on your budget and what you’ll be using the costume for.

While not included with every manufacturer’s costume, the utility belts sometimes have tools inside in order to help the Jawas deal with droids. Some of these costumes are very detailed, while others are basic and simple.

DIY Costume Tutorials

Authentic Jawa Costume Set

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If you choose to make the costume yourself, you can go as plain or as fancy as you like. It should be easy to create a basic tunic with jagged edges at the bottom and on the ends of the sleeves, and some of the accessories should be easy to find if you check local costume or party stores.

However you choose to put together your Star Wars’ Jawa costume, just know that it is one of the easiest Star Wars costumes to make and isn’t very expensive.

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