Darth Nihilus Costume Guide

DIY Darth Nihilus Costume Guide

If you love Star Wars and you’re looking for the perfect Darth Nihilus costume, you’re in luck because the costume is both easy to find and easy to make yourself if that’s what you wish to do.

This is essentially an all-black costume with a mask and long gloves, so it’s easy to find most of the pieces in a standard department store. It’s also a fun costume to wear and makes the perfect outfit for comic-cons and Halloween parties.

About the Darth Nihilus Look

Darth Nihilus has an interesting history. At one time, he was a regular human being, but that all changed when the Mandalorian wars took place. During this timeframe, he lost his entire family and was the only one to survive the attack of the Mass Shadow Generator.

Afterward, Darth Nihilus changed and now has an insatiable desire to feed on the Force. He is now a Sith Lord and one of the toughest exterminators of the Jedi, which is why he is on a constant hunt for them.

The reason why Darth Nihilus decided to don the outfit is to elevate his spirit. The hunger he has to get rid of the Jedi is making him fade in the physical aspect, and he felt the new attire would boost his spirit and make for a better overall attitude.

How to Dress Like Darth Nihilus From Knights of the Old Republic

Dressing like Star Wars’ Darth Nihilus isn’t that complicated. The costume consists of the following items:

  • The Mask: It is a white mask outlined with some red and gray lines, and he wore it to hide the scars from his past.
  • Hood: Make sure that you get the type of hood that covers the entire face and neck area.
  • Cloak Cape: The perfect piece for many adventures, this cape is worn by all Siths and many other characters in the Star Wars series.
  • Black Leather Boots: Choose knee-high boots for the most realistic look.
  • Black Leather Gloves: Again, choose gloves that go up to the elbows if you can find them.
  • Red Lightsaber: This is a cool instrument and the Sith Lords’ main weapon.


The Darth Nihilus costume is one that emphasizes the character’s desire to keep his painful past a secret. When he chose the mask, he was choosing something that not only covered his face but also to offer a great contrast to the all-black outfit he always wears.

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Cosplaying this character isn’t hard because you only need simple pieces of clothing such as a hooded cape, black tunic, and wide belt, pants, boots, and gloves, to name a few. It may look like a basic outfit that is easy to put together, but it’s much more than that.

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DIY Costume Tutorials

Cosplay Examples


The Darth Nihilus costume makes a statement and helps you remember what made this character unique from the rest. When it comes to the basic items needed for this costume, you don’t have to be real picky because you only need to remember one word: black!

Also keep in mind that when it comes to the mask, you’ll want to choose one that is specifically made for the Star Wars franchise.

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