Buddy The Elf Costume Guide

Buddy the Elf DIY Costume Guide

Buddy the Elf (portrayed by Will Ferrell) was raised in the North Pole but discovered he’s actually a human and not an elf. Upon discovering this, Buddy heads out to New York City to meet his biological father, who is a big-time book publisher.

Buddy is a very lovable character who gets himself into some unusual predicaments while trying to get to know his real dad.

As you would expect, the costume he wears is colorful and lively, and the perfect costume to wear this holiday season to delight your friends and family!

About Buddy the Elf’s Look

Buddy the Elf has always thought he was an elf and that he belonged to a family of elves, but this isn’t true. When he finds out that his mother died shortly before he was born and his biological dad doesn’t even know he exists, he decides to travel to New York City and find him so the two men can meet.

When he gets to his dad’s publishing company, his dad sends him away thinking he is someone else. But eventually, his dad takes him for a DNA test and it is proven that the two are father and son.

Buddy’s elf suit consists mostly of a green tunic, yellow tights, and a green-and-yellow hat, and it’s very comfortable to boot.

How to Dress Like Buddy the Elf

This is a detailed description of the items you’ll need if you wish to dress up like Buddy the Elf:

  • A green tunic with white trim at the neck and cuffs, and a black belt with a silver buckle
  • Bright yellow tights
  • A dunce-like cap that has large green and yellow stripes
  • Curly-haired wig
  • Black elf shoes, which aren’t always included with the costume

You can also choose to wear black shoes or boots instead of elf shoes. The items are made mostly of polyester and faux leather so they are very comfortable, and if you choose a manufacturer that provides only officially licensed costumes, the one you choose will be very detailed and much more realistic.

It’s also a good idea to study photographs from the movie before you start shopping for the costume just to make sure that you get the right costume in the end. The more familiar you are with the “real” costume mentioned in the film, the better the chance you’ll find a realistic costume every time.

DIY Costume Tutorials

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Cosplay Examples


Elf is a delightful movie that has received high ratings since it was made, and it is often shown on television during the Christmas season. There are a lot of big names in the movie, and when the lead character, played by Will Ferrell, starred in the movie, he had just come off of a successful stint on Saturday Night Live.

The movie was successful both because of the stars and because of the delightful storyline. If you’re interested in dressing up like Buddy the Elf, you’re in luck because a lot of costume and party stores have this costume available any time you need it.

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