DIY Borat Costume Guide for Cosplay

Borat, the famous comedic character brought to life by British comic Sacha Baron Cohen, is one of the most popularly sold Halloween costumes year after year.

I couldn’t think of a proper intro for this costume guide, so I brought in the real deal Borat to flex his journalist skills and do it for me. Off to you, Borat!

Me Borat, verrrry nice Halloween costume. Many year, verrrry popular. If you want to look like me for Halloween, you come to our store and buy costume. We have many item for Borat cosplay.

Me know, me know. Some people want to have party and dress like Borat, but they no know how to make costume. No problem! Me give you tip for DIY Borat costume. You make, everyone at party say ‘Wow! Verrrry nice!’

-Borat, the Pride of Kazakhstan

How to Dress Like Borat

There are a few simple steps you need to do to pull off a high-quality Borat cosplay:

1. Find a gray suit and white shirt

2. Get a fake mustache, beard, and hairpiece

3. Wear sunglasses and lots of gold jewelry

4. Talk in a thick accent and make outrageous statements

5. Have fun dressing up like Borat for your next costume party!

Wig & Mustache

The most essential costume accessory you will need is the Borat wig, which is available for purchase on its own or bundled with the rest of a Borat costume set. The wig closely resembles Borat’s natural hair.

Borat’s mustache is a defining feature of the character, so if you are planning on only buying the wig, it will probably be necessary to buy a fake mustache as well.

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Gray Suit

Borat typically wears a gray three-piece suit, including an ill-fitting suit jacket and pants, and a gray button-up shirt with a thin brown tie.

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Borat is famous for his thong bikini AKA “Mankini,” but if you’re not quite ready to show off that much skin, you can opt for a skin-colored bodysuit to wear underneath. These bikinis come in a variety of colors and styles.

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DIY Costume Tutorials

Cosplay Examples

About Borat’s Look

Borat Sagdiyev is a socially awkward TV presenter from Kazakhstan. While filming his reports on his native television, Borat becomes obsessed with fulfilling his dreams of visiting America – which he believes to be “the greatest country in the world” by bribing his producer Azamat Bagatov with sex.

Borat’s fashion has been described as an exaggerated version of traditional male Kazakh clothing. He wears a green mankini, which is famously only worn by men in the remote village of Kuporos, Kazakhstan. Very nice!

Wrapping Up

Alright, Borat… send us off!

Me Borat say, dress up like me for Halloween or cosplay is verrrry nice idea! But you must know what is not appropriate in different situation. G-string in public, sometimes is good idea, sometimes is bad idea. And do not forget the mustache! Is very important for looking like me. Without mustache, you not look like me, you look like…not me!


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