Fat Thor Costume Guide

Fat Thor DIY Costume Guide

Thor, the Norse God who has been a staple in the Marvel Universe since 1962, caught our attention in a different way during Avengers Endgame when he appeared as a despondent out-of-shape slacker after Thanos snapped everyone into oblivion.

In the movie, he gives off a Big Lebowski vibe with a casual outfit, which includes sandals, and his long hair and beard.

If you’d like to dress up as Fat Thor for a costume or Halloween party, you won’t have to worry about the costume being uncomfortable because it consists of items that any couch potato would love.

About The Fat Thor Look

In both the comic books and the MCU films, Odin strips Thor of his powers and sends him to Earth as punishment because Thor is too arrogant.

In the MCU, he eventually joins the Guardians of the Galaxy. He has a very powerful hammer that is known as Mjolnir. Thor also has a love interest named Jane Foster, who meets him during her work as a physicist who is studying the type of phenomena generated by his appearances.

Some critics of the movies believed that they were fat-shaming the main character, while others considered it commendable that the character was a little more realistic-looking.

Love it or hate it, the character of Fat Thor seems to be here to stay and has become a staple of comic-cons throughout the world.

How to Dress Like Fat Thor From Marvel Comic Universe

The Fat Thor costume consists of sandals, flannel pajama pants, a T-shirt, robe, and a large hammer.


It usually comes with a long beard and a long-haired wig as well, to reflect how Thor let himself go after the events of the Thanos snap.


Many costume manufacturers include all of these items, while some rely on the users to provide their own T-shirt, sandals, and other items. But the costume usually includes flannel pants, a solid-colored teal/green T-shirt, and a dark-colored robe.

The costume often comes with a waist sash as well, and a belt that threads through the loops at the waist.


The robe is usually a brushed knit flannel robe and the T-shirt is made out of cotton. The bathrobe comes with front pockets and therefore ensures your comfort level each time you wear it.

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If you have a costume or Halloween party to go to but you don’t feel like getting all dressed up, the Fat Thor costume is the one for you. It’s super comfortable and allows you to feel as if you’re spending a quiet evening at home even when you have a party to go to!

The Fat Thor costume is fun to wear and is instantly recognized by fans of these movies. It costs less than you think and makes the perfect costume for your next Halloween party.

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