2b nier automate costume ideas

Prepare to dive into the enigmatic realm of NieR: Automata by transforming yourself into 2B, the beguiling combat android. As one of the game’s central figures, 2B’s alluring yet commanding presence makes her an ideal cosplay choice for fans eager to immerse themselves in the spellbinding universe of NieR: Automata.

Follow this helpful guide to create a show-stopping 2B outfit that will surely make a scene at any cosplay or convention event.

How to Dress Like 2B

  • Black dress with white trim
  • Elbow-length black gloves
  • Mysterious black blindfold
  • Sultry black thigh-high stockings
  • Stylish black boots
  • Striking white wig
  • Simple black hairband
  • 2B’s Virtuous Contract sword (optional)
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Black Dress with White Trim

Kickstart your 2B metamorphosis with a form-fitting black dress featuring a contrasting white trim or collar. You might need to personalize the dress or find a specialized cosplay outfit online to achieve the perfect balance of allure and combat-readiness.

Elbow-Length Black Gloves

No 2B cosplay would be complete without her signature long black gloves. These vital components can be purchased at costume shops, online retailers, or crafted by your own fair hand if you’re blessed with sewing skills.

Black Blindfold

Capture 2B’s enigmatic essence with a black blindfold, which can be fashioned from a simple black ribbon, a strip of fabric, or a specialized blindfold. Ensure it fits snugly and securely around your head without impairing your vision.

Sultry Black Thigh-High Stockings

Add a touch of seduction to your 2B outfit with a pair of black thigh-high stockings. These can be sourced from clothing stores, costume shops, or online retailers. Make sure they fit comfortably and stay in place as you bring 2B to life.

Stylish Black Boots

Stride with confidence in a pair of black heeled boots, either knee-high or over-the-knee. Look for a comfortable design with a slight platform or heel that mirrors her in-game footwear.

Striking White Wig

Emulate 2B’s iconic tresses with a medium-length, straight white wig. You may need to trim or style the wig to achieve the desired length and shape. Ensure the wig sits comfortably and securely for the duration of your cosplay event.

Simple Black Hairband

Add the finishing touch to your 2B wig with a black hairband, which can be found at clothing or accessory stores or created using a black ribbon or fabric.

2B’s Virtuous Contract Sword (Optional)

Elevate your 2B cosplay to new heights with her signature Virtuous Contract sword. Search for replicas online or at specialty shops, or unleash your creativity by crafting your own from foam, wood, or other materials. Remember to adhere to any prop weapon guidelines if you plan to attend a convention or public event.

About 2B

2B, known formally as YoRHa No.2 Type B, is a battle android and main protagonist in the critically acclaimed video game NieR: Automata. As an elite member of the YoRHa infantry unit, 2B’s mission is to combat hostile machine lifeforms and reclaim Earth for humanity. Despite her icy exterior, she forges strong bonds with fellow androids 9S and A2 throughout the game’s narrative.

2B’s character design, crafted by Yoko Taro, has captured the hearts of fans and cosplayers alike. Her mesmerizing appearance and formidable presence make her an unforgettable figure in the gaming world.

Wrapping Up

Channeling 2B’s enigmatic and powerful essence is an excellent choice for fans of NieR: Automata. By adhering to our costume guide and assembling her iconic attire, you’ll be prepared to step into the role of this captivating combat android at your upcoming cosplay event or convention. With the signature black dress, white wig, blindfold, and optional Virtuous Contract sword, your 2B cosplay will leave a lasting impression on fellow fans and onlookers alike.

As you step into character, be prepared for a whirlwind of admiration and intrigue from fellow gamers and cosplayers who’ll undoubtedly be impressed by your stunning transformation. And remember, even the most emotionless android can’t help but revel in the excitement of embodying their favorite character. So go forth, and let the adventure begin!

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