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Diving into the Spider-Verse often leads to unforgettable encounters with uniquely designed characters, each with their own captivating appeal. Among these paragons of style and substance, Gwenom stands out – the symbiote-infused alter ego of Spider-Gwen, a character that defies convention and redefines superhero aesthetics.

Gwenom is a harmonious fusion of the everyday and the extraordinary. The costume, imbued with the power of a symbiote, boasts a design that’s as practical as it is visually stunning. It’s like your favorite pair of jeans, but imbued with the force of an alien entity.

Let’s dive deeper into the world of Gwenom and help you create a cosplay look that’s as fierce and fascinating as the character herself.

How to Dress Like Gwenom

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The Bodysuit:

The Gwenom suit is the centerpiece of your ensemble. It’s a body-hugging one-piece that features a black-and-white color scheme. This allows for a striking contrast that truly captures Gwenom’s comic book aesthetic. This suit is designed for flexibility, allowing you to strike a pose or even perform combat-oriented actions. You can find such suits online or at specialty cosplay stores.

White Spider Emblems:

An essential feature of the Gwenom costume is the striking white spider emblems that sprawl across the bodysuit. They should appear on both the chest and back, their legs stretching out to emulate the creature’s eerie elegance. These symbols aren’t just for show; they’re an emblem of Gwenom’s arachnid abilities and her connection to the broader Spider-Verse.

The Gwenom Mask:

The Gwenom mask is as simple as it is impactful. This full-face piece sports a white spider-web design against a black background. Suitable for a wide range of face shapes, the mask captures Gwenom’s mysterious and eerie persona. If you’re feeling crafty, you could even try creating the mask yourself with some fabric and paint.

Eye Details:

The eyes on Gwenom’s mask are not your typical superhero fare. They’re oversized, white, and styled with jagged edges, creating an unnerving effect that will give any foe pause. The key to these is to add subtle pink accents around the edges, hinting at the terrifying transformation that lies beneath the surface.


What’s a spider-themed hero without her ability to swing from the skyscrapers? While Gwenom’s powers go far beyond the classic web-slinging, a set of web-shooters on your wrists can add an authentic touch.

Symbiote Details:

A major part of the Gwenom look is the symbiote’s influence. It’s present in the form of additional tendrils or spikes on the costume. Attach a few fabric or foam tendrils to your costume to give it a more dynamic and lifelike appearance. The symbiote is a living organism, and your costume should reflect that.


One of the distinctive features of the Gwenom costume is her high-heeled boots. These black boots add an edge to the overall look while also giving you a height boost. You can choose to use any comfortable pair of black boots that you already own, or you can search for ones that more closely match Gwenom’s style.

The Gwenom Wig

A key aspect of the Gwenom costume is the blonde wig. This feature adds a stark contrast to the suit’s black-and-white color scheme, and helps bring Gwenom’s character to life. When choosing a wig, look for one that mimics Gwenom’s hair style from the comics or animated series.

Personal Touches: The Symbiote is Yours

Remember, the best cosplays are the ones that allow you to express yourself. Don’t be afraid to add your own spin to Gwenom’s look. Perhaps you want a more dramatic wig, or a custom-made prop. Maybe you’d like to add some additional accessories or makeup effects. The choice is yours.

Cosplay Examples

Who is Gwenom?

Gwenom is the combination of Gwen Stacy, the Spider-Woman of Earth-65, and the notorious alien symbiote known as Venom. Gwen Stacy was just a normal high-school drummer until a fateful spider bite granted her amazing powers. After a tragic battle resulted in the death of her universe’s Peter Parker, Gwen vowed to protect her city as Spider-Woman.

However, her path took a dark turn when she bonded with the Venom symbiote. The fusion created Gwenom, a powerful and terrifying entity driven by revenge and anger. Though she initially struggled with the symbiote’s violent urges, Gwen eventually learned to control it, using its power to become a darker and more formidable protector of New York.

Wrapping Up

Gwenom is a unique and visually stunning character that is sure to make an impression at any comic book convention or Halloween party. Now, armed with this detailed guide, you’re ready to step into Gwenom’s shoes (literally).

To really pull this costume off, you will need to embody the resilience and strength of one of the most compelling characters in the Spider-Verse. So, get suited up, unleash your inner Gwenom, and let the city know that its protector has arrived.

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