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The featured cosplayer for today is the amazing Lady Lemon of Lady Lemon Cosplay. This great cosplayer from Argentina shares her thoughts on her cosplays, what it means to be a cosplayer and tips for the beginner. Read on to learn more!

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

When I was little I dreamed about being an astronaut. That or a special effects artist, all that matter to me, was being able to be in wonderful and mysterious places, and either if they were real or created, was the same for me (I’ve always had a magical imagination!). When I grew up I studied computer engineering  at least, I was going to be able to render magical worlds with computers, but the IT world was fun just for gaming and my actual work was far from that. Tired of that situation, and since it was not possible for me to become an astronaut, I studied Special effects, and here I am now, in between several dimensions, because my ultimate dream is to become a performer (actress, singer, model). My all life time idol is Michael Jackson.

How did you first get into cosplay?

I guess that when I was 4 and using my mom’s clothes to mimic some tv star from my childhood? Really into cosplay, in 2011. In 2010 I won a contest named “Miss Macross”; it was not a cosplay contest, it was a beauty contest apart of the cosplay contest, oriented to Macross characters. I had picked Sheryl Nome, and I sang on the stage. I used a revealing outfit, because it was a beauty contest, not a cosplay contest. Naturally, almost all the other girls that didn’t won, started to say that I was a whore and stuff… so I decided to participate again in 2011, but that time decided to win and shut their mouths up showing my skills: then I choose Black Bunny’s Sheryl Nome outfit, one of Sheryl’s most revealing outfits but also, one of the most complex. In your faces bitches! I got 2nd place in competition, the girl who won had a wonderful dress, but hey! from “obvious whore” to “2nd price in cosplay” is something meaningfull! And I liked it. Because I’m an SFX specialist, I have some advantages, but cosplaying taught me more about materials and techniques than school!

Whom have you cosplayed as so far?

Otaru Namiya (crossplay), Sheryl Nome (several versions), Psylocke, Black Cat, Wonder Woman, Cheetara, Ophiuchus Shaina and Cygnus Hyoga from Saint Seiya, Demon Hunter from Diablo III, Kasumi from DOA5, Black Widow, Jill Valentine, Maleficient, Ranko (from Ranma 1/2) and I’m forgetting some for sure…

What is your favorite of all of your cosplays? Why?

It changes depending on my mood, right now, I’ll say that my Demon Hunter. It is taken from the game’s artwork and trailer, I believe is one of the most beautiful designs I’ve seen and with lots of work and dedication, I was able to reproduce it very efficiently (sorry, no fake modesty here). I think this armor is one of the best Diablo III armors I’ve seen in all the web.

What cosplays do you plan to do in the future? Why?

Edward Elric (I’ve just finished my automail!), Haruka from Sailor Moon, Aya Brea, Dark Phoenix, Lara Croft, Shera. Some of them for leisure, others because I love the characters from my childhood and… Lara because I’m being paid for it.

Are there any cosplays that are so difficult to do that you’ve not had a chance to achieve them as of yet? What holds you back?

Not any more. After crafting my Demon Hunter armor, I believe everything is possible. I think there are difficult challenges, but I can do anything. I only need space in my house, that is already crowded with stuff… XD

How has cosplaying changed your life?

Cosplaying makes me be a complete kid. Makes me happy. Makes me free! And allows me to grow as an artist. And also find wonderful people to be with, sharing this “game”, that turns out to be healthier than any other “adult game” you can find out there…

Why do you think cosplaying is important?

Perhaps the best part of cosplaying is when you make someone smile looking at your outfit. If you resemble a character that has been important to them, you can bring back good memories, And for oneself, you can play like when you were a kid, but with better toys! 

Do you make your own costumes / do your own makeup?

I do everything myself. Because I love to. But I have bought a cosplay once, it was Steel Angel Kurumi, because I wanted to have it done by a friend that is really talented (actually, is the best cosplayer in Argentina, that was like having a Gucci cosplay XD)

What advice do you have for beginners?

Never give up. Start with easy cosplays; choose characters that look a little like you, at least in stature or body shape, if the outfit fails, at least you will not look bad on it. Do not sacrifice your favorite character at once, learn first, then do it, and do it with your heart! Do not give up if at the beginning it doesn’t quite fit, you keep trying! Being a good cosplayer requires study and some sacrifice! Watch as much YouTube tutorials as you can. And pay special important to make up. Then find a good kameko, there are more and more every time  A good photo helps you improve your work. When wearing your cosplay, never loose the impersonation, stay on character! Don’t be scared of crossplaying if you want to play to be from another gender! And above all, you don’t give a s*it what people say about you! 

If people want to learn more about your cosplays, where can they do so?

They can go to my page or check my youtube channel for some tutorials about make up I’ll be uploading:

Any closing remarks?

Keep being a child, play like a child, but do it seriously!

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