Kitty Honey Cosplay Dark Phoenix

For our first ever featured cosplayer on the site, we bring you the amazingly talented Kitty Honey of Kitty Honey Cosplay. We took some time to chat with her about her motivations, how she got into cosplay and more! Read on for the full interview and gallery!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Kitty Honey, I’m from Argentina, I’m a cosplayer, a geek girl, a science fiction, comics, manga, anime and videogames fan. I’m currently studying at university and I’m about to graduate. I don’t like cockroaches and I love Ice cream.

How did you first get into Cosplay?

Like 5 or 6 years ago. I saw a cosplay contest event in an argentinian magazine. I liked a lot the idea of portraying some cool characters like one of the sailor scouts from Sailor Moon.

I’ve been always interested in fictional and fantasy characters and the possibility of being someone else, like a child’s play.

I deeply love an anime character named Cutey Honey, she can transform in multiple appearences between a photographer, a biker chick, a model, a news reporter, etc, so my “cosplayer” name is inspired in her like some sort of play on words of her name.

What was the first character you ever dressed up as?

Officially in a con Sakura Kasugano from Street Fighter, but I had a failed first attempt as Sailor Mercury for a costume party. I dyed my hair blue with a cheap temporal hair dye, and it gave me and allergic reaction. I was blind for about 4 hours. Now you got a lot of resources, and as an advice, please, use always the best things that you can get.

Do you make your own costumes / props?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Sometimes I get help from my boyfriend or other talented propmakers like Reevz FX.

What has cosplaying done for you?

It helps me to meet a lot of people and to give a little bit of spice to the everyday living that ain’t so glamorous like a superhero life.

Why do you enjoy cosplaying?

For the same reason of my last answer, and also there’s a particular thing I enjoy, when little children come to you and call you by the name of the superhero you are portraying, that’s some sort of magic for me.
It’s like adding some fantasy to your real life.

Of the characters you’ve chosen to cosplay as, what was the reason behind your choices? (you can list two or three characters and reasons)

I always choose characters that are related to me in some way or in some aspect of my personality. I couldn’t do a character that is the complete opposite to me, I’m not complaining about people who cosplay an opposite of their personalities, but it’s just simply the way I face cosplay.

I will list a couple of my favourites for example:

Phoenix (X-Men): I love the conflict she has about dealing with a “force” that she barely controls or even can’t control. In everyday life you always find situations like that, situations that challenge you, and I love psychic characters. If I had to choose a superpower, I’d like psychic powers. Jean is an intelligent and sensitive girl, she’s really smart and I really loved portraying her.

Ms Marvel: I like from her that thing of a woman that has been in really low moments, and recovers and gets back, solving a lot of issues.

I like that human part of superheroes. Maybe that’s why I like X-Men, superheroes with human problems.

What character continues to elude you? What is the one character that you’d love to cosplay as but you haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet and why?

I don’t have a character right now that eludes me, maybe the only reason for a character that elude me is about time. In the past, yes, there were a lot of things that I couldn’t figure out how to do them. There’s one I’d love to do, I’m right now researching on how to do it, but I’ll keep it locked until I can do it.

For those who are interested in getting into cosplay, do you have any advice / tips?

There’s one advice I always give, is that you should start with something easy and then progress in difficulty. That’s the way of avoiding getting frustrated with cosplay.

And the other advice I always give is that you should cosplay characters that you really like and love.

Where can we learn more about your cosplays?

You can find more of my cosplay and modeling work on the following pages.

FB Page:
World Cosplay:

Thanks for the interview.

Thanks Kitty Honey! 

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