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Featured Cosplayer: Katie George

Katie George Cosplay

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a featured cosplayer post! Today’s costumer is Katie George. Katie is a cosplay veteran who has done a range of costumes from badass heroines to graceful Disney Princesses.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Katie George, I’m a costuming enthusiast (aka, cosplayer, obvi~) based out of Atlanta, GA.

You’ve been cosplaying for over ten years! How did you get into cosplay?

Like most geeks, I spent a lot of time browsing the internet as a kid and one day came across girls dressed as Sailor Moon, my first and favorite anime, which pretty much made my head explode. A few years later, I had an opportunity to go to my first con in high school and knew that if I was going to go, I was going to make a costume to wear!

You have made over eighty costume creations. Out of your body of work which characters have been your favorite to cosplay?

I try not to pick favorites, but I really love cosplaying as Disney Princesses (for the reactions of the children!) and Wonder Woman because she’s so iconic and well-loved by… pretty much humanity in general. I also get a huge kick out of IDOLM@STER cosplay because my friends and I love doing large groups and attempting to learn the dances, which pleases my inner weaboo/not-so-secret desire to be an idol on the moon.

What has cosplay done for you personally?

Personally, cosplay has given me a creative outlet and an escape from the mundane. What more can you ask of a hobby? The additional perks (two trips to Japan and an upcoming trip to Mexico) are way more than I could’ve ever asked for!

What was your experience like at the World Cosplay Summit in Japan?

WCS is a fantastic experience for the few cosplayers who are lucky enough to win the chance to represent their country. I was incredibly honored to go sweat my butt off for the US and give the Championship my all. Meeting international cosplayers and discovering that there are really other people out there pouring their heart and soul into their costumes thousands of miles away in other continents really is like discovering another entirely new world of cosplay. Despite its challenges, I recommend the WCS to any cosplayer willing to give it a go.

You have won numerous awards for your costuming performances and craftsmanship. What is it like being on the other side as a judge?

I LOVE judging because, obviously, the pressure is off when you’re sitting on the other side of the table, but also because it’s an amazing place to learn! I have never walked away from a judging experience without some new technique I can’t wait to try. It’s incredibly humbling.

What advice do you have for those new to cosplay? Any tips for costumers considering entering a competition for the first time?

For anyone new to cosplay, be prepared to have fun, and you’ll find it to be a self-fulfilling prophecy! I recommend going to cons with a friend because it’s so much easier to break the ice and meet new people when you’re with others. Or at least, that’s how I felt at my first few cons! Heck, I still get kind of shy and lonely if I go to cons without a constant companion these days! Not everyone is like me, though, and some congoers really blossom when they’re on their own and forced to forge new friendships! I certainly wish I were more like that. XD

If you’re nervous about entering your first contest, just remember that the judges want to hear about how hard you worked on your costume, and why you’re so proud of it you decided to enter it in the costume contest. That’s why they’re there! So focus on your favorite details and what took you the longest, or if you can’t think of anything, start from the top and work your way down (or vice versa, your preference). Also, realize that most judges got the job because they’ve been cosplaying longer than you (although this is not always true) or because they’ve really earned their stripes as costumers. Dishonesty is usually REALLY easy to spot, and nothing makes a judge’s eyes narrow more quickly than catching a contestant in a lie. (“Oh, so I see you used a serger on your coat seams…” “What’s a serger??” “…Oh, never mind, then… ¬_ ¬” True story! This has happened to me and my friends MULTIPLE times!)

Can you tell us what cosplays you have planned for the future?

Well, the older I get, the less anime I watch, so my costuming plans are starting to reflect that. Expect to see less Japanese schoolgirls, and more heroines from comics and film. This change works well for me because not only am I getting older, I’m also finding myself more at-home with the older and more relaxed crowds of sci-fi and comic conventions versus the much younger and more energetic anime cons.

Will we see you at any upcoming conventions?

My remaining US conventions for 2013 are San Diego Comic Con, Dragon*con, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and New York Comic Con (if the stars align again!). I had also planned on attending HeroesCon, but that’s the same weekend I’ll be in Mexico, so I’ll have to skip it this year! Early 2014 will probably include KatsuCon, again, which I think I’m going to start attending regularly because it’s one of the few anime cons that really brings out the intense, dedicated costumer in all its attendees!

Closing remarks?

I REALLY am thankful when websites like Comics and Cosplay reach out to cosplayers to feature their work and show appreciation for the blood, sweat, and tears we put into this silly yet amazing hobby. Please continue to do so as it’s the little things like this that help make all of our (unpaid) effort really feel worth it! Thank you! <3

And thank-you Katie! To keep up to date with all of Katie’s cosplay and convention plans checkout her facebook page.

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