Deadpool Costume Guide

Authentic Deadpool DIY Costume Guide (High Quality Mask & Suit)

Deadpool, the wise-cracking, bad-ass antihero created by Marvel Comics is one of the hottest costumes for cosplay conventions and Halloween thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ groundbreaking cinematic portrayal.

Deadpool’s costume consists of a simple one-piece leather read and black bodysuit and can be worn in conjunction with accessories such as red or black boots, gloves, and swords and sheaths.

About Deadpool

Deadpool has been around since 1991 and started out as a super-villain. He first appeared in The New Mutants and later in The X-Force. His real name is Wade Winston Wilson and he is a disfigured mercenary who has superhuman ability, including super strength and regeneration.

The character has been called “Merc with a Mouth” because he jokes and shit-talks constantly. Oddly, Deadpool knows that he is a fictional comic book character, which is one of his most interesting characteristics.

How to Dress Like Deadpool From Marvel Comic Universe

Body Suit

The Deadpool costume features a leather red-and-black jumpsuit with a fitted face mask that is red trimmed in black and covers the neck as well. It also features a belt that stands out and demands notice. It is polyester and fastens with a hook-and-loop fastener, and the chest and shoulders have soft fiberfill padding in them for a more “muscular” look.

Mask & Accessories

The mask has mesh-covered eye openings and if you find the right manufacturer, the entire costume looks just the same as the one worn in the movie. The accessories — boots, gloves, and weapons — aren’t necessary but certainly give the costume a little more authenticity.

The fiberfill in the chest and shoulders is polyurethane foam, and the belt is made out of foam and comes complete with pouches that are printed on it. The fabric waist ties make it easy to attach the belt quickly.

DIY Costume Tutorials

High Quality Authentic Deadpool Costume Set

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Cosplay Examples


The costume might not give you any type of healing power or help you learn how to use those awesome weapons of his, but it will certainly help you look just like Deadpool every time.

This is one character that has a very unique look, but the costume is detailed and looks so much like this character that you won’t need any alterations from a tailor. Most of the manufacturers have made a great-looking costume that looks just like the character from the movie, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come.

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