Arthur Morgan Costume Guide

arthur morgan costume guide

If you’re a fan of the hit video game “Red Dead Redemption 2”, then you know just how impressive Arthur Morgan’s outlaw style is. While it may be tempting to purchase a pre-made costume, there’s nothing quite like making your own DIY version. With a few simple steps, you can have an Arthur Morgan costume that will make you stand out from the rest at your next cosplay event!

About Arthur Morgan’s Look

Arthur Morgan is an outlaw and a member of the Van der Linde gang and Dutch van der Linde’s most trusted right-hand man. He is also a friend to John Marston.

As one of the primary characters from “Red Dead Redemption 2”, Arthur Morgan has become incredibly popular since he jumped on the scene back in 2018.

Arthur Morgan is a tall, slender man with long hair. He typically wears dark brown pants, boots, and gloves. He sports suspenders and a duster trench coat, both tattered and threadbare.

He also wears a black hat most of the time – he even goes so far as to sleep in it!

How to Dress Like Arthur Morgan

Cowboy Hat

Arthur Morgan’s hat drips with authenticity.

The first step to putting together an Arthur Morgan costume is to find a cowboy hat that matches the style you’re looking for. Authentic cowboy hats come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. You can choose from straw or felt to fine leather or even buffalo hide! There are also many different styles of hats available, including the classic cowboy hat that Arthur Morgan wears in “Red Dead Redemption 2”. You can easily find a suitable one with a quick online search.

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Blonde Wig

Arthur’s hair color is blonde. If you want to complete your look and truly dress like Arthur Morgan, then you’ll need a realistic-looking blonde wig. Short-styled wigs will work best, but you can also find long wigs that give the appearance of Arthur’s tousled locks.

Tattered Clothing

To complete your Arthur Morgan costume, you’ll need to dress like him! That means finding clothes that look tattered and worn. Pair stiff, new clothes with lots of dirt stains and a belt to hold them up. Make sure they fit loose and baggy, as well as being a little short, so you can see your boots.

To dress like Arthur Morgan, wear dark brown pants and a shirt with suspenders. The suspenders should be worn under your coat. You can buy these online or at many costume shops.

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Arthur Morgan wears a scarf tied around the lower half of his face. To complete your Arthur Morgan costume, you will need to find a dark-colored scarf or bandana.

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Mud-stained Boots

Arthur Morgan wears dark brown boots that are stained with mud and dirt. Make sure your boots have realistic-looking stains, wear them loose enough to see your pants underneath, and tie the laces, so they don’t come untied. This will help you get a realistic Arthur Morgan look.


Arthur Morgan is an outlaw, so he carries a weapon on him at all times. Pick up one of his revolvers from your local costume shop to add authenticity to your Arthur Morgan costume. He also wears a lasso tied to his belt, so purchase this as well if you really want the Arthur Morgan look.

While this might seem like a lot of work to make your own Arthur Morgan costume, it will be well worth it when you’re out having fun with friends at your next cosplay event!

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DIY Costume Tutorials

Cosplay Examples

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a genuinely unique cosplay idea, consider dressing up as Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar has done a fantastic job creating this character and his world, so don’t miss your chance to become him! Not only will you have the best costume at the convention, but you’ll also be sure to start some interesting conversations with other fans of the game.

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