Colorado has some of the nation’s most well-attended anime conventions. Cons give cosplay enthusiasts a place to show off their skills while also celebrating and connecting with fans of Japanese anime and pop culture.

If you’re a lover of anime and you happen to be in Colorado, you should definitely attend one of the state’s many anime conventions throughout the year. In addition to all the fun of the con itself, you’ll also get to witness some amazing displays of fan creativity in the form of cosplay. Who doesn’t love to see all the crazy ways fans bring their favorite anime characters to life?

Make sure you put these dates on your calendars so you can fully immerse yourself in the anime and cosplay culture!

While you are here, check out some of our best anime-inspired cosplay guides:

2023 Anime Cons in Colorado

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Fan Expo Denver 2023June 30 – July 2, 2023Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Nan Desu Kan 2023September 1-3, 2023Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center
Aurora, CO
Collect-A-Con Denver 2023October 7-8, 2023Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO

Fan Expo Denver: What to Expect

First up is Fan Expo Denver, an annual event held at the Colorado Convention Center that is a must-attend for any anime and pop culture enthusiast. From panel discussions to cosplay contests and vendor booths selling all sorts of anime-related merchandise, there’s something for everyone at this convention. And speaking of cosplay, the cosplay contest is not to be missed. Cosplayers of all skill levels are welcome to participate and the judges are looking for accurate and creative costumes, as well as overall presentation.

Nan Desu Kan: What to Expect

Next up is Nan Desu Kan, or NDK for short. This annual event, held in Aurora, is one of the longest-running anime conventions in the United States. Along with the usual panel discussions and vendor booths, NDK also offers a cosplay contest, open to all skill levels, as well as cosplay-related panels and workshops.

Collect-A-Con Denver: What to Expect

Last but not least is Collect-A-Con Denver, another annual anime and pop culture convention held at the Colorado Convention Center. This event offers the same great mix of panel discussions, cosplay contests, and vendor booths as the others. And, like Fan Expo Denver and NDK, Collect-A-Con Denver also offers a cosplay contest and a variety of cosplay-related panels and workshops.