Anime conventions in Arizona are an exhilarating experience for fans of Japanese animation and culture. The Grand Canyon state plays host to a bevy of conventions that cater to a wide range of enthusiasts, from the seasoned veteran to the curious newcomer. In the post below, I shall examine two of the most distinguished conventions in Arizona: Taiyou Con and Arizona Matsuri. Both conventions offer a unique and diverse range of activities that are sure to delight fans of all stripes.

I will provide an in-depth analysis of what to expect at each event and some expert tips to enhance your convention experience. So, grab your cosplay, pack your bags, and let us begin our journey into the wonderful world of anime conventions in Arizona.

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2023 Anime Cons in Arizona

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Taiyou Con 2023January 6-8, 2023Mesa Convention Center
Mesa, AZ
Arizona Matsuri 2023February 25-26, 2023Steele Indian School Park
Phoenix, AZ

Taiyou Con: What to Expect

Taiyou Con is an immersive, three-day odyssey into the world of anime and Japanese culture. Held at the Mesa Convention Center, the con offers an immense smorgasbord of activities for fans to indulge in, including anime screenings, cosplay contests, video game tournaments, and special guest appearances. With over 300 hours of programming, the convention provides an unparalleled level of immersion for passionate anime enthusiasts.

The organizers of Taiyou Con have honed their craft over 14 years of experience running conventions, ensuring that attendees will have the most thrilling and anime-immersive weekend of the year. The convention is not just a gathering of vendors and guest signings, but rather an experience that brings your favorite voice actors, artists, and cosplay stars to life. In short, Taiyou Con is not just an anime convention, but a celebration of anime as a lifestyle.

Arizona Matsuri: What to Expect

Phoenix, Arizona hosts Arizona Matsuri, an annual Japanese festival, every year. Traditional Japanese dance and music performances, martial arts demonstrations, a tea ceremony, and a cosplay competition are just some of the attractions that will be featured at the festival.

In addition to notable guests and authentic Japanese cuisine, the festival is a great place to do some holiday shopping. Everyone attending should keep in mind that the festival’s principal purpose is to honor Japan and Japanese culture. The cosplay competition is a major highlight of the festival. Please keep in mind that this is not a general cosplay event, and that costumes and cosplays not originally from Japan are not encouraged (video game, manga, anime, etc.).

Matsuri Cosplay Contest Rules

There are some restrictions on costumes and attire that attendees must follow.

  • No weapons allowed
  • Large props that meet the dress code policy are allowed on stage only
  • All props to be used during the contest MUST be peace-tied and approved before the contest.
  • The “60% Clothing Rule” is in effect
  • Neither flash mobs nor street performances are permitted, as are photographs taken in public places.
  • No costumes that are not of Japanese origin are permitted in the cosplay competition (video game, manga, anime, etc.)

Attendees are asked to adhere to the dress code and the rules of the cosplay contest to preserve the tradition of Matsuri and keep their costumes Japanese-related. In conclusion, Arizona Matsuri is a fun and family-friendly festival that celebrates Japanese culture, with a variety of activities that showcase different aspects of Japanese culture.